Choosing Your Breast Implant Size and Shape

When You Have decided to undergo breast augmentation surgery you are now confronted with two critical decision; what sort of substance to use for your implant (saline or silicone implants) and what size and shape breast implants do you desire. After speaking with various doctors, we've found there really isn't a correct or wrong sized breast implant - it all comes down to the patient's taste. Besides, we have found out only choosing a "B", "C" or "D" cup is not the right method to decide on a breast augmentation size. Even though a "C" cup sized implant is a particular size, it won't necessary be a "C" cup on each girl.

Listed below are a few ways we urge to choose your breast Implant dimensions:

Look at pictures of other women's breast and reveal to your cosmetic surgeon. Once you find a photo of women's chest that you think will fit your body well, demonstrating to your plastic surgeon is going to be the ideal method to convey what you want. Many surgeons will include the picture in the room while completing the breast augmentation so that they can match as near as possible.

Try on different sizes in the office of your plastic surgeon. If you do not know what size breast implants will fit your body, try them on in your surgeon's office. It's possible to add the implants into your bra and find out how they feel.

Take the rice test. Breast implants for Washington DC breast augmentation have been measured by the volume of cubic centimeters from the implant - not a bra size. One thing women will need to take into account is the weight barring in your body the implant will have. To have a fantastic idea of the burden of an implant is to select the rice test. Use a measuring cup and then fill a zip lock bag with rice and wear the bag in your bra. 1/4 cup will probably equal the weight of a 59 cc implant, 1/3 cup will equal 80 cc implant, 1/2 cup will probably equivalent 118 cc, 2/3 cup will equal 180 cc, and one cup will equal 235 cc implants. After a day or two of wearing the rice bags you'll have a wonderful idea what implant dimensions will suit you best.

Selecting your breast shape is a little simpler than your augmentation size. You have two options for breast augmentation shape; a round-shaped implant and a tear drop implant. A round-shaped augmentation is circular in whatever way you look at the augmentation. From all sides, it looks like a half circle and can be symmetrical. A tear drop implant has been created to symbolize a more natural appearing breast and is larger on the bottom of the implant compared to the surface.

In the end of the day that your plastic surgeon will recommend a size and shape for your DC Boob Job breast implants, but the choice ultimately is yours.

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